This elegance and grace… This pure and beautiful nature around you, untouched by the human hand. On the horseback, galloping through the countryside, you forget what troubles you, chasing all the nasty thoughts away. There’s only you and your loyal steed, the world around us ceases to exist for a while.

Our magical stable unifies passion with professionalism. Inconspicuous as it may seem at the first glance, hidden somewhere in a tiny little village of Chobienice, it offers you the best instructors for both the beginners and these more advanced riders.

In the warm embrace of nature, with the impeccable, technologically ravishing infrastructure, you’ll just destined to become a capital horseman right away! No chance to question the thing, won’t you agree?

Trust the horse, create this magical bond with this graceful, nearly royal animal. For horses feel your liking, as all the animals do. If a horse does not like a human, it is to be trusted, and if a man does not like a horse, they must be treated carefully.

Our friendship and respect are a great deal to the horse which shall pay us with the same in return for long years to come. But remember, you fear can never stay undisclosed when you’re on the horseback. In the saddle, it all becomes clear and your horses reads your emotions. Thus, just let the wind carry on you. The rider and the horse entwined.


Price list
Course for beginners   Mon - Fr Sat - Sun
Pony ride The child rides a pony kept by the instructor. Here, the lesson includes the right posture as well as the basic horse behaviour. For children over the age of 4 10min 15 PLN 10min 20 PLN
Ride on a lead for children This is the first stage of the horse-riding course for children over the age of 6. The lesson includes walking and trotting with various exercises. 30min 40 PLN 30min 50 PLN
Ride on a lead for adults The lesson includes horse-riding without assistance, i.e.: walking and trotting on the lead with using the horse-riding accessories properly. 30min 40 PLN 30min 50 PLN
Lessons for intermediate riders   Mon - Fr Sat - Sun
Horse-riding lessons with preparing the horse on your own

The lesson includes walking, trotting and galloping. The instructor corrects the rider’s posture and help them use the horse-riding accessories properly, the choice of exercises and tasks depends on the level of advancement which the rider represents.

1h 60 PLN 1h 70 PLN
Riding in the field The child rides a pony kept on by the instructor. Here, the lesson includes the right posture as well as the basic horse behaviour. For children over 7 years of age. 10min 15 PLN 10min 20 PLN
Lessons for advanced riders   Mon - Fr Sat - Sun
Riding in the field Riding in the open air for the advance horseman who want to feel some adrenaline by galloping or even cantering in the fields. 1h 60 PLN 1h 70 PLN
Ride A romantic britzka ride for two 1h 160 PLN 1h 160 PLN
Ride Britzka ride for max. 7 people 1h 200 PLN 1h 200 PLN

Seasonal ticket

  • If you purchase 10 rides, the 11th is for fee! Please use your ticket within 3 months of the purchase date.
  • Book your classes at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Bear in mind, lessons only take place when the weather is favourable.


Katarzyna Witczak
Horse riding Instructor

+48 693 766 566

Feel free to visit the website of the Educational Stable in Chobienice

Stay packages

Po prostu MIŁOŚĆ
for 766 /pers./night
for 766 /pers./night

Zaskocz swoją drugą połowę i zabierz ją w romantyczną podróż do Ostoi Chobienice. Nie ma w życiu nic cenniejszego ...

Offer details
Po prostu MIŁOŚĆ
Dziewczyny mają wychodne
for 646 /pers./night
for 646 /pers./night

Wykorzystaj weekend na spotkanie z przyjaciółkami. Zostawcie mężów z dziećmi w domu i podarujcie sobie odprężającą ...

Offer details
Dziewczyny mają wychodne
Flexible rate
for 320 /night
for 320 /night

Lowert rate guarantee. Free cancellation.

Offer details
Flexible rate
Wspaniałych rodziców mam
for 713 /pers./night
for 713 /pers./night

Kto jest naszym najwierniejszym przyjacielem, wyrozumiałym nauczycielem i przewodnikiem w życiu ? RODZICE. To Oni uczą ...

Offer details
Wspaniałych rodziców mam
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in a magic oasis

Chobienice 166
64-212 Siedlec, Poland

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